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by admin last modified Jun 28, 2014 02:38 PM

Metamocracy LLC specializes in reputation systems for online communities.

A reputation system is a tool used to identify the respected (or not so respected) members of a community based on the opinions of other community members.  This can be a powerful way to improve the level of dialog and cooperation within a community, especially when the community grows too large and complex for any one user to hold all the complex relationships in their head.



Our reputation systems are based on these key ideas:

Attack resistance. A nefarious user should not be able to exert disproportionate influence simply by creating multiple accounts or scripting basic actions.

Incorporation of negative reputation. Reputation systems that only account for positive reputation are good for comparing popularity, but popularity alone is not a sound basis for trust.  If users are expected to interact in meaningful ways with strangers, we can expect them to first want to know both the good and the bad.

Subjectivity of reputation. Reputation depends on point of view. Reputation systems that assign everyone a global reputation value merely enforce a universal monoculture that drowns out minority voices. Reputation systems should work for the minority groups as well, by computing reputation in a way that reflects the biases of the person who we're computing the reputation on behalf of.

Read about Pariah, our reputation system software, here.  For more detailed information on what makes a good reputation system and why we designed Pariah the way it is, read this.

To see Pariah in real world use, check out

To use Pariah inside Unity3D games, we have several packages on the asset store:  Pariah for Small Graphs (free) and Pariah.